Careers at Huntr

Building the future of job search tools

Our job seeker product has helped over 250k job seekers organize their search. Our organizational product is used by top educational and career focused organizations from around the world, helping them track and measure job seeker outcomes.

We care deeply about the functionality and aesthetics of digital products. We believe that our passion for building beautiful, functional software makes us the right team to create the tools that job seekers need to navigate the modern job search. In an industry almost entirely focused on employer tools, we think a product company focused on the needs of the job seeker can make a real difference in making the job search less painful. The sales industry has CRMs, recruiters have ATSs, join us in our mission to build job seeker tools that are just as powerful.


🏖️ Paid time off: 20 days PTO + 10 paid holidays.

💵 Retirement: 401(k) plan with employer match.

💊 Healthcare: Healthcare plan reimbursements.

💻 Tools: You’ll receive a brand new laptop and any other accessories you need.

🏠 Flexible Office policy: You can work remotely from home, in our Seattle office, or a co-working space of your choice we offer a $200/month stipend towards a desk in such a place.